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We are no longer updating Inside Ecology and therefore not accepting articles or press releases. As you may or may not be aware, Inside Ecology was created and run on a voluntary basis; however, due to other business commitments, we no longer have the time to update the site. Many thanks for your support over the last five and a half years.


We want to hear from ecologists, conservationists and wildlife professionals in addition to those providing complementary services and disciplines.

Tell us about your projects, surveys (techniques and approaches), mitigation solutions, research, product reviews (equipment, apps, books etc.), opinions, creative writing pieces, photo blogs and anything else you want to write about.

We also want to hear from those disciplines and services that are complementary to ecology work e.g. landscape architects, architects, planners, wildlife search dogs, specialist contractors (e.g. exclusion fencing, living roofs), equipment developers, laboratories … the list goes on!  We want to hear about the projects you have assisted with; the ways in which you work with ecologists and professionals in the field; how do you feel collaboration between disciplines could be improved?; and any other angle you want to write about.

Note: All submissions must be your own work. By submitting a written article, podcast or video for publication, you are confirming that you have the authority and copyright permission to do so. The same applies to any photos you submit (these should be good quality and 1,000 pixel width). If the article, video or podcast has been published elsewhere, make sure that you have permission to submit it for publication in Inside Ecology. Please reference where it has previously been published when emailing over your submission. Please include a short bio and contact details to accompany the article. We have the final approval on article layout and content. By submitting any content to our site you agree you have read, and agree to, Inside Ecology’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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