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Current advertising, sponsorship and promotional opportunities

Sidebar ads

These are the five 300×250 ads you can see on the right hand side of the site, as you scroll down. They are featured on all pages and all ad slots are rotated with a maximum of three other advertisers.

Courses/events/webinars/training promotion

This is a fantastic new promotional opportunity aimed at companies offering courses, events, webinars and training. Inside Ecology provides the ideal platform for you to promote your courses/events/webinars/training directly to your target market.

Your event(s) will be featured on the new courses/events/webinars/training feed on our homepage and on the Events category page, which will link through to your own page on our site where you can provide more details. This page can in turn link directly to your booking page – whether on your own site, or on a platform such as Eventbrite.

Book promotion

Featured on the homepage feed (max. 6, latest first) and on the Books category page, with a link through to your own book article on our site. This is where you can provide more details about the book, reviews, images, quotes, etc. This page can in turn link directly to your website or a book retailer such as Amazon.

Sponsored articles

Featured on the homepage feed (max. 6, latest first) and on the Sponsored Articles category page, with a link through to your own sponsored article on our site. You can pretty much use the sponsored article as you wish (subject to approval of course). It can include information about your company; press release; jobs; case studies; etc with links then through to your own site.

Contact us advertise(at)

What’s the process?

  • Contact us with information about the advertising or sponsorship or promotion you are interested in: advertise (at)
  • If you wish to proceed we will send you an Insertion Order and an Invoice.
  • You must read and agree to the details on the Insertion Order and our Advertising Terms and Conditions.
  • Pay the invoice.
  • Send us your creative(s)/content/copy for our approval. Once payment is received and your creative(s)/content/copy approved, we will schedule your ad to go live on the site.

Advertising, sponsorship and promotional notes

All advertising, sponsorship and promotions are prepay.

All advertising, sponsorship and promotion material is subject to approval.

Please do not send any creative(s)/content/copy until you have read and agreed to the Insertion Order and Advertising Terms and Conditions and paid the invoice.

We want your advertising, sponsorship and promotions to stand out and be attractive to readers. This sets your company / product / service in the best light and optimises the interactions that people will have with your advertising, sponsorship and promotions. Therefore, we only accept high quality creative(s)/content/copy, which are clear and well designed.

If designing and creating creative(s)/content/copy is not your thing, we may be able to create it for you – please get in touch for availability and a quote.

Contact us for current rates and latest stats: advertise(at)

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