Inside Ecology


Inside Ecology is an online magazine aimed at Ecologists, Conservationists and Wildlife Professionals.  The magazine provides a dynamic platform for people to exchange ideas, promote discussion and supply information to those with a ‘professional’ interest in the natural world.

“There is a great deal of exciting work going on out there in the field of ecology and conservation; whether that be exemplar projects, new ideas of how to improve the way we do things, development of state of the art equipment, innovative habitat creation, management and mitigation to name but a few.  Inside Ecology provides an energetic platform for like-minded people to share all of those things and more with others”. (Kate Priestman, (CEnv, MCIEEM), Co-Founder and Editor of Inside Ecology).

Essentially, this is your magazine – a place to tell people about that exciting project you have been working on, discuss mitigation techniques that have worked well (or not so well), look at the pros and cons of standard survey methodology, provide a review on a piece of kit that you have trialled, share a great wildlife experience you have had through photographs, submit a creative writing piece, general musings or get something else off your chest (ecology related of course!).

Inside Ecology has its own YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to.  The channel provides a platform for you to share your ecology related videos and podcasts with others.

The magazine also publishes articles from those working in disciplines that complement or relate to ecology and conservation; thereby promoting dialogue between different parties with the aim towards further understanding and discussion, ultimately benefiting biodiversity.

Further information about submissions can be found HERE.

Meet the Co-Founders…

Inside Ecology is co-founded by Kate Priestman (CEnv, MCIEEM) and Terry Jackson.

Kate worked as an ecologist for over sixteen years. Prior to setting up her own consultancy business in 2012, Kate worked in London for over a decade, providing the lead ecology role for a number of high profile projects. Kate has always been a keen writer; she published her first ecology-based children’s book in 2013 and is currently writing her third book. Kate is editor and writer at Inside Ecology, handling all of the content and day-to-day running of the magazine. She is also a freelance writer and artist.

Terry is an entrepreneur and business advisor, who has been founding and running businesses for over 20 years; from founding a web design business in 1996; investing in and being instrumental in the growth of the UK’s fastest growing e-commerce company, which sold for over £15,000,000; creating and hosting one of the first mobile retail events in the UK; all the way through to co-founding and leading a highly profitable internet advertising company in 2006, where he was CEO for 10 years. Terry has considerable experience of starting, growing, and running successful businesses, particularly across a broad range of tech/internet sectors. Throughout the last 20 years he has also worked with a number of non-tech ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses. Terry acts as business advisor at Inside Ecology, and also handles the technical side of things, including building and designing the website.