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Carbon marketplace company announces acquisition in quest to scale carbon credit market and increase integrity in net zero

Carbon marketplace company announces acquisition in quest to scale carbon credit market and increase integrity in net zero

Changeblock to acquire JustCarbon to become the world’s most transparent carbon market, and position the UK as a key player in carbon capture.

Changeblock, the UK’s pioneering carbon market facilitator funding global planet repair and protection projects using blockchain, has confirmed intentions to acquire JustCarbon, the marketplace for starting gigatonne, high-integrity, carbon removal projects. The deal marks a significant move in the ongoing consolidation trend within the carbon market. Changeblock will become a major contributor to global sustainability efforts, with projections to transact 65 million tonnes of carbon by 2050. The company has developed one of the most transparent marketplace ever and the group have now subscribed over $6.2USD million in shares. This figure is set to increase to $350USD million*, making it the fastest-growing ecosystem for the origination of carbon credit and trading in Europe.

Set to integrate hundreds of millions of dollars of global carbon market value, this acquisition marks a significant turning point for the carbon credits industry and a major step towards global environmental sustainability. It represents a substantial investment in British talent and technology, positioning the UK as a key player in carbon capture, carbon markets, and the clean technology sector. This not only inspires hope for a greener future worldwide, but underscores the UK’s influence in shaping the global carbon market.

Changeblock is committed to revolutionising carbon markets with its unique features. As the first carbon marketplace to offer real-time end-to-end data on carbon removal projects, it leverages data science and insights from the biochemical sector. Unalterable records are ensured by blockchain technology, eliminating greenwashing and fostering trust in carbon removal projects. With this acquisition, Changeblock will expand its portfolio to include gigatonne blue carbon projects like Seafields. This addition complements Changeblock’s existing initiatives, which already feature innovative projects such as recycling pioneer FusionOne, the world’s first end-of-life plastics offset – further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

Billy Richards, Changeblock Founder and CEO, said: “There is a huge demand for reliable solutions that support carbon offsetting and contribute to a robust and transparent carbon market. This deal brings a new level of data monitoring, reporting and validation, making ours the most transparent carbon marketplace ever.”

Billy Richards continued to say, “It aligns perfectly with our vision of creating a simple, transparent, and accessible carbon market for everyone. Having developed our own carbon removal project, Changeblock stands out as the only marketplace with end-to-end data ownership. Combining Changeblock’s comprehensive data and technological prowess with JustCarbon’s large-scale carbon removal projects, we are well-positioned to stimulate greater investment in transformative, planet-saving solutions. This synergy facilitates gigaton-scale carbon removal and offers investors enhanced visibility and opportunities in this rapidly expanding market.”

JustCarbon CEO, Gavin Anderson said: “This is the start of market consolidation. JustCarbon becoming part of the Changeblock portfolio creates a real step up in transparency and accessibility to the carbon market. No carbon credit should be sold without full transparency and accountability, this is what this acquisition will bring and what the carbon market needs.”

Changeblock’s leadership team includes COO Kenton Farmer, who has an extensive background in financial operations and new business development. His pioneering work in blockchain asset custody highlights his expertise and leadership in the financial services industry. His role in setting up a regulated blockchain asset custodian showcases his ability to navigate and innovate within the evolving landscape of financial regulation and technology.