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Statement from Badger Trust and Wild Justice 26 March 2024

Badger Trust Event in July 24

We have jointly instructed Leigh Day solicitors to send an urgent request to Defra on 22 March 2024 on their recently published consultation to evolve badger control policy and introduce additional cattle measures.

We feel at present, there is insufficient evidence about what is proposed and the basis on which it has been brought forward.

We have asked Defra to respond by 28 March 2024 (it is a very short consultation process) with this missing information to allow sufficient time to respond to any additional information.

We have also drawn attention to the fact that the Northern Ireland Executive consultation on bTB measures was recently found unlawful for a number of omissions.

We are awaiting a response from Defra before deciding on further action.

Our supporters are angry at this further planned assault on a much-loved native species.