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Joe’s Blooms launches ‘Explore’ to help builders boost biodiversity

  • Biodiversity tech start-up Joe’s Blooms has launched a first of its kind digital tool to help developers and planners calculate the biodiversity potential of their land. 
  • The Explore tool is world leading in its focus on small sites, allowing developers of all sizes to determine their biodiversity score and explore a range of scenarios to reach their uplift goals.
  • This digital solution follows confirmation from the Government that ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’ (BNG) will be implemented in January 2024.  

Biodiversity tech start-up Joe’s Blooms has today launched a digital tool to help property developers and planners calculate the biodiversity potential of their land, ahead of the implementation of the ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’ (BNG) laws in January. 

The Joe’s Blooms Explore tool calculates the biodiversity potential of any plot of land in England using data on the site’s location and basic information on its current habitat. It is the first of its kind to focus on small sites, providing a world leading solution for smaller developers who may not have access to costly consultants or in-house ecological expertise. Developers and planners will also be able to test a range of scenarios and find tailored solutions to enhance the site’s natural environment and meet biodiversity uplift requirements.

The launch of the Explore tool follows confirmation from the Government that BNG will be applicable for big sites in January 2024, and for small sites in April 2024. It is the inaugural offer in the Joe’s Blooms toolkit, paving the way for a comprehensive set of tools aimed at helping developers and planners meet BNG objectives to boost nature recovery across the country. 

BNG is a first-of-its-kind planning policy that will require property developers to invest in measures that increase the amount of plants and wildlife in the local area by 10%. Analysis by Joe’s Blooms finds that the policy is set to secure over 15,000 hectares worth of biodiversity in England each year – equivalent to 23,500 football pitches worth of natural habitat.

Oliver Lewis, CEO and founder of Joe’s Blooms said:

Biodiversity Net Gain will create greener communities and reverse habitat loss. We have designed this tool to make it as simple as possible for developers and planners of all sizes to identify the maximum biodiversity potential of their land, and play their part in enhancing the natural habitat across the country.