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RSPB’s response to the Climate Change Committee (CCC) report on progress to net zero – key opportunities missed by Government. 

Melanie Coath, RSPB head of global policy, said: “Today, the Climate Change Committee has issued its strongest ever warning: the UK Government is fast falling behind in action to help avert catastrophic climate change. We are already seeing the devastating impacts of this inaction on both nature and our way of life, from the ongoing marine heatwave and its likely impact on food chains for marine life, to wildfires such as that at RSPB Corrimony destroying precious habitats and species.

We are woefully off track in the policies needed to meaningfully tackle climate change, and easy wins for climate, nature and people – such as improving energy efficiency and delivering well-planned renewables like solar and onshore wind – have not been seized by the UK Government. This shocking complacency in the race to net zero must end.

If we are to meet our net zero commitments then the UK and devolved governments must recognise the role of nature’s recovery – restoring essential carbon rich habitats such as peatlands, woodlands and coastal wetlands – alongside a robust land use framework that tackles the nature and climate emergencies in tandem.”

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