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Research shows weed killers should be redesigned to save bumblebees


A new study by researchers at Royal Holloway, has concluded that weed killers, bought by many households across the country and used in agriculture, could easily be redesigned to be more bumblebee friendly by changing ingredients and therefore saving the lives of bees.

PhD student, Ed Straw, and Masters Degree student Edward Carpentier, alongside Professor Mark Brown, all from the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour in the Department of Biological Sciences at Royal Holloway, researched the effects of weed killers on bumblebees.

Their research showed that, after the bees came into contact with certain well-known weed killers, sold under the brand of Roundup®, up to 96% of the bees died within 24 hours, compared to other weed killers, such as Weedol® which caused no fatal harm. MORE