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First-time study reveals high percentage of Albatross deaths linked to single-use plastics


Three veterinarians from Massey University’s Wildbase Hospital have been involved with a recent study that found single-use plastics are an underestimated but notable cause of albatross and fishery-related deaths in the Southern Hemisphere.

The study was a collaboration between New Zealand and Australian researchers from Wildbase Hospital, IMAS University in Tasmania, Wellington Zoo and The Queensland Department of Environment and Science. Massey vet Richelle Butcher co-authored the paper with support from Wildbase’s Dr Megan Jolly and Dr Stuart Hunter. The lead author Dr Lauren Roman is from IMAS University and The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and other co-authors included Baukje Lenting and Phil Kowalski, veterinarians at The Nest Te Kōhanga at Wellington Zoo.

The study, published in the journal Conservation Letters, is the first to estimate the frequency of plastic ingestion-related death in a seabird group across different ocean basins. MORE

Header image: Massey University.