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Marmoset monkeys have personalities too


In humans, differences in personalities have been evident since the ancient times. Personality in animals has long been ignored, but recently this question has received increasing research interest as it has been realised that personality has evolutionary and ecological significance. An international team of behavioural biologists from Austria, Brazil and the Netherlands, with Vedrana Šlipogor from the University of Vienna as leading author of the study, designed a set of tasks to assess personality of common marmosets. These results have just been published in “American Journal of Primatology”.

Marmosets are small highly social New World monkeys that parallel humans in their social organisation, as they live in cohesive family units, where parents act as breeders and their offspring help them raise the young. The researchers showed that captive monkeys living in Austria as well as those monkeys living under natural conditions in semi-arid Caatinga forests of Northeastern Brazil show consistent differences in their personalities, similarly to humans. MORE

Header image: © Vedrana Šlipogor.