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Why autumn is such a dangerous time for hedgehog mothers – and how to help them


After months of hard work raising hoglets by themselves, autumn finds female hedgehogs in a rush to fatten up before hibernation. It’s a busy time of year which brings them closer to roads and the risk of being squashed. During the rest of the year, male hedgehogs are more likely to die on roads. Their relentless instinct to breed means they travel far and wide to find mates, facing the prospect of risky road crossings on their way.

While enabling easy movement for us, roads create several barriers for wildlife. In Europe, there are five hedgehog species. If you travelled across the continent, you would drive by an average of almost one dead hedgehog per kilometre. This rate is far lower in countries such as Ireland and Finland, but when you consider that Europe has over 6 million kilometres of road, these figures are frightening. MORE