News Round-Up

Dolphins ride out dietary ups and downs


More evidence has emerged to support stricter coastal management, this time focusing on pollution and overfishing in the picturesque tourist waters off Auckland in New Zealand.

A study of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) in the Hauraki Gulf connects their diet with the prevalence of commercial fishing and water quality – emphasising the need to carefully manage marine parks and surrounding environments to prevent overfishing and extensive nutrient runoff.

Researchers from the Cetacean Ecology Research Group (CERG) at Auckland’s Massey University, in collaboration with the Cetacean Ecology Behaviour and Evolution Lab (CEBEL) at Flinders University and the NZ National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), examined dietary differences between males and females and over time. MORE

Header image: Cetacean Ecology Research Group (CERG) at Massey University, Auckland.