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Wallabies are on the loose in Britain – and we’ve mapped 95 sightings


When you think of kangaroos and wallabies, you probably don’t think of the temperate climate, unsettled weather and agricultural lands of England. Yet on such pastures, the red-necked wallaby has found a home.

Red-necked wallabies have been present in Britain for more than a century, originally being imported for zoos and private collections where they were popular attractions. However they also proved to be adept escape artists that were adaptable enough to survive in the British countryside.

Many were intentionally released during the second world war, as keepers and collectors had other priorities. This increased the number of feral animals in Britain and, eventually, a population became established in the Peak District (though it has probably been extinct since 2009). MORE

Header image: The Chilterns: there’s wallabies in them thar hills. Credit: AdamEdwards/shutterstock.