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High human population density negative for pollinators


Population density, and not the proportion of green spaces, has the biggest impact on species richness of pollinators in residential areas. This is the result of a study from Lund University in Sweden of gardens and residential courtyards in and around Malmö, Sweden.

The result surprised the researchers, who had expected that the vegetation cover would be more significant.

“We have found that, in cities, the higher the population density, the fewer species of wild bees and hoverflies we find in gardens and residential courtyards. We also see that areas with enclosed courtyards and tall buildings have fewer species of wild bees than areas with semi-detached and detached houses, even when there are large green spaces between the buildings”, says Anna Persson, one of the researchers behind the study. MORE

Header image: Jorchr, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikipedia.