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Solar-powered animal tracker transforms how researchers collect data on animals in wild


A new solar-powered animal tracker promises to transform the collection of environmental and behavioural data, greatly improving animal welfare.

An 18-month study by University College Dublin researchers piloted the use of a solar-powered tracking device originally designed for vultures but adapted for use on large herbivores such as giraffes, elephants and wild horses.

The tracker’s solar-panels proved an effective power source during the lengthy trials; demonstrating how its use could address some of the serious challenges faced by those engaged in conservation and field research. MORE

Header image: Trials of the solar-powered device showing a range of attachment types across taxa including (a) giraffe—ossicone, (b) scimitar horned oryx—horn, (c) Przewalski’s stallion—tail hair, (d) elephant calf—collar and (e) Rüppell’s vulture with backpack. Credit: University College Dublin.