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Helpline heroes rescue 63 baby bats struck by heat wave


Bat rescuers have been called out to an unusual case of 63 baby bats found in daylight and struggling in the heat wave this week.

On Wednesday alarmed Manchester resident Tim Eaton started finding tiny pipistrelle bat pups falling to the ground from his roof, seemingly due to their loft maternity roost becoming too hot during the day. Many more were still inside the roost, apparently abandoned by their mothers.

He said: “I came home around 1.45pm on Wednesday and found 1 bat outside my back door. That was just the start! After ringing the RSPCA they put me in touch with the Bat Helpline. During the next couple of hours myself and my daughters found 40 plus bats! I contacted South Lancashire Bat Group and with their help we counted 60 plus young bats! MORE

Header image: (c) Steve Parker.