News Round-Up

HS2 phase one construction cause for concern


Reports we have been receiving about potential disturbance and damage to bat roosts in trees during the maternity season in Warwickshire woodlands (Kenilworth Sites) due to HS2 Phase One construction is a cause for concern for BCT. We are seeking further clarification around the both the licence and practice on the ground during felling as we have some specific concerns.

As far as we understand at the time of writing, Natural England extended the bat licence permitting felling activities in Warwickshire woodlands known to support maternity colonies to 15 May, two weeks beyond what is considered to be the start of the maternity season. We also understand that this extension was subject to a condition (B13) that states that: Licensable activities impacting satellite, maternity and hibernation roosts must not be undertaken while the roost is in use for these purposes. MORE

Header image: Derek Smith.