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Conservation in a time of pandemic


Wildlife conservation is a type of work without end. It’s ongoing. It revolves around time — while racing against it. Pausing amid a global pandemic isn’t an option, because that could mean the difference between saving endangered species or not.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much in so little time. Preventing the spread of this coronavirus has required a collective commitment to shutdowns and social distancing. For conservationists, it’s just yet another time where they must adapt.

FIU’s Institute of Environment researchers are stuck in this strange new reality of unknowns. During the past several months, Hong Liu has been closely monitoring China’s response to the outbreak, including the recent ban of the trade and consumption of wild animals. A conservation ecologist, Liu has spent the greater part of her career in China. Although she works primarily with endangered orchids, she said successful conservation efforts are closely intertwined with China’s wildlife trade. MORE

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