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Channel 5’s Dr Amir Khan urges public to become ‘Nature Doctors’ and build Insect A&Es


Dr Amir Khan, star of Channel 5’s ‘GPs Behind Closed Doors’ and keen conservationist has joined forces with two leading UK wildlife charities to urge people to become ‘Nature Doctors’ in their own gardens by planting for pollinators this year.

97% of our wildflower meadows have been eradicated since World War II. Homes for butterflies, bumblebees and moths are disappearing, and their populations are plummeting. They are, quite simply, running out of places to go

Dr Khan is working alongside Butterfly Conservation and Bumblebee Conservation Trust to launch a new campaign asking people to set up their own ‘Insect A&E’ areas in their gardens for the benefit of the nation’s struggling pollinators. Places where these threatened but vitally important insects can rest, recuperate and rejuvenate. MORE

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