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Natural England’s new Handbook on creating a Nature Network


Natural England’s Dr Humphrey Crick tells us about Natural England’s new Handbook for conservationists and planners that provides information on designing the best type of ‘Nature Network’.

What is a ‘Nature Network’?

Nature Networks deliver for both wildlife and people. They are a collection of high-quality and well-connected areas that allow wildlife to thrive and cope with climate change, as well as enhancing natural beauty and delivering benefits for people such as flood alleviation.

Conservationists in the UK have known for a decade that our existing network of protected areas is inadequate for stopping the declines in our native wildlife. A key Government report, led by the eminent ecologist Sir John Lawton, called for a ‘Bigger, Better, More and more Joined-up’ approach to protected sites. Natural England’s new Handbook identifies the answers to key questions MORE

Header image: Dartmoor National Park. Credit: Natural England.

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