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What’s good for livestock can be good for wildlife


With protected areas only covering 15% of the earth’s surface, it’s essential to conserve biodiversity outside of these places. Research published in the British Ecological Society journal People and Nature looks at southern Kenya to explore how maintaining large open spaces can allow herders, their livestock and wildlife to co-exist.

Natural history documentaries set in Africa abound with enchanting scenes of the continent’s wilderness and wild animals. But something is missing from this archetypal African scene: people and their livestock living alongside wildlife.

You’re probably used to hearing that livestock ruin the land and are bad for the planet. After all, cattle do release greenhouse gases, and large swathes of the Amazon forest have been cleared for ranching. There have been harrowing stories of livestock invading national parks and herders spearing lions and elephants. MORE

Header image: Peadar Brehony.

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