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Rare pictures uncover diverse marine life at Ningaloo Reef


Researchers at The University of Western Australia have collected rare imagery revealing rich marine biodiversity at Ningaloo Reef, after deploying baited underwater cameras to analyse various fish species.

Dr Tim Langlois, from UWA’s Oceans Institute and School of Biological Sciences, worked with researchers from CSIRO to deploy the underwater stereo video cameras, which are capable of reaching depths up to 2000 metres.

“The project provided us with a unique opportunity to benchmark the habitats and fish populations within Ningaloo Marine Park, in Commonwealth waters, as little research has previously been done at these depths,” Dr Langlois said.

The researchers deployed the cameras in a recently established ‘no-take National Park Zone’, which is an area designed to preserve and maintain marine life, prohibiting activities such as fishing in order to maintain the areas for tourism and public appreciation. MORE

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