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Halfway to purple on the Stiperstones


July is the time when Shropshire’s Stiperstones hills turn purple, transformed by the flowering of the heather which dominates this upland heathland.

Confined mainly to the western coast of Europe, upland heathlands are a very important habitat in the UK. In Shropshire they are associated with the Shropshire Hills, and the Stiperstones is the finest example that we have with plants like cowberry and crowberry that are rarely found anywhere else.

Natural England started a campaign in April 2019 to raise £10,000 through public donations to purchase and restore a key piece of land called Windy Corner in the Shropshire Hills. The aim is to restore this parcel of land to heathland, closing the gap between the Natural England managed Stiperstones National Nature Reserve (NNR) and the Shropshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve at Nipstone Rock. MORE

Header image: Natural England.

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