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Climate change benefits for giant petrels


Giant petrels will be “temporary” winners from the effects of climate change in the Antarctic region – but males and females will benefit in very different ways. This study was published today in the Journal of Animal Ecology...

The study, by experts from the University of Exeter and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), is one of the first to analyse how different sexes of the same species could be affected by changing conditions through global warming.

The research shows that giant petrels – known colloquially as “stinkers” – will benefit from an increased number of warm weather anomalies in the region, while changes to wind patterns across the Antarctic and the southwest Atlantic will also improve their ability to forage at sea.

However, the research reveals that the benefits are different for the males of the species, compared to the females. MORE

Header image: northern giant petrel on the nest in South Georgia. Credit: Richard A. Phillips.

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