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Why London should learn to love the tiny Tower Hamlets spider


They are some of the world’s most spectacular urban green spaces, visited by 77 million people a year, and they host activities that range from jogging to rock concerts.

But London’s eight royal parks share a secret. They are also home to a spectacular range of creepy-crawlies, and over the next few weeks these creatures will be the focus of a major campaign.

A project named Mission: Invertebrate will highlight the importance of worms, gnats, spiders, slugs and grasshoppers in maintaining the health of Britain’s wildlife and natural habitats.

The event is part of an international initiative, City Nature Challenge, held at the end of April and involving the inhabitants of more than 160 cities around the world – including Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leicester, Manchester and Newcastle. MORE

Header image: Bushy Park, one of London’s royal open spaces that have become important wildlife havens. Credit: Alamy.

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