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Managed bees versus wild bees? It’s not that simple in South Africa

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There’s widespread concern about the global decline of honey bees and the associated loss of pollination services.

The honey bee is the most important single species for crop pollination. This is because they are easily managed and can be moved around to perform pollination in different food crops. It’s estimated that one third of the food we consume each day relies on pollination. And this is mainly provided by bees.

But bee populations are in decline. Several factors have been identified as causing the problem. These include poor bee nutrition caused by an inadequate intake of nectar and proteins, the collapse of colonies, known as Colony Collapse Disorder when most of the worker and adult bees suddenly die, threats posed by neonicotinoids – insecticides affect the central nervous system of bees – and finally attacks from varroa mite, a parasitic mite that transmits diseases and often viruses to the bees. MORE

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