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Friskier frogs: endangered species gets a sex appeal boost

endangered frogs


Australian researchers are applying a sex hormone to the skin of the critically endangered northern corroboree frog in a world-first treatment to encourage females to accept less desirable mates in captivity.

A trial conducted by the University of Wollongong and Taronga zoo found that, by administering the hormone to both a male and female frog before pairing them off, researchers could increase the chance that they would accept their allocated partner from about 22% to 100%.

In a world-first, the researchers put a few drops of the synthetic gonadotrophin-releasing hormone on the frog’s stomach instead of using the accepted technique of injecting the hormone under the skin. MORE

Header image:  Researchers apply a sex hormone to the skin of the northern corroboree frog to stimulate desire. Credit: Zoos Victoria.

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