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The negative effects of artificial light on wildlife

lighting wildlife

This infographic created by 4 Everdeck looks at how light pollution has grown in recent years, how this is affecting wildlife and also provides some potential solutions to the problem…

There are species of wildlife that depend on the natural light and darkness for their survival. Mating and feeding patterns, flight paths and the ability to hide from predators are all compromised by artificial light. The results are often fatal, with millions of hatchlings and birds dying every year as a result of light pollution.

Part of the issue is that not everyone is aware of the dangers of light pollution. Hopefully as awareness of the issue grows, we can be more mindful towards the safety of wildlife when installing our lighting solutions.

About the Author: Katie Myers is a content writer for 4 Everdeck, who supply long lasting outdoor decking for both residential and commercial properties. With both their products and written content, 4 Everdeck aim to inspire their customers to create beautiful outdoor spaces that are mindful to the environment.