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Whaling vote: Australia tells Japan it has lost argument for killings

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There is no longer a “social licence” for countries to kill whales for profit, Australia has told the International Whaling Commission in Brazil.

In an impassioned intervention, Australia’s IWC commissioner, Dr Nick Gales, told the key meeting that Japan’s proposal to lift a 30-year ban on commercial whaling was a “business proposition” that Australians reject.

“What is at stake here is a question of whether or not a commercial enterprise – a business, in this case whaling – should resume again after it was belatedly and appropriately bought to an end after decades of over-exploitation,” Gales said.

“What remains of the whaling business today is an enterprise that has little – and diminishing – demand for its products, in many cases is reliant on state subsidies and, at a global scale, has essentially lost its social licence.” MORE

Header Image: Australia is backing greater protection for whales, a rejection of commercial whaling and financial support for non-lethal research. Credit: Glenn Lockitch/Sea Shepherd/AFP/Getty Images.

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