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My Green World

my green world

My Green World is an Australian-based social enterprise dedicated to addressing global wildlife and environmental challenges through inclusive, youth-focused education…

The company was founded by Natalie Kyriacou, and its mission is to ‘inspire curiosity’ through a variety of learning programmes and games designed to empower young people and encourage greater youth participation in wildlife and environmental conservation and sciences.

In 2015, My Green World launched an educational mobile game app, World of the Wild, which encourages young people to participate in virtual conservation scenarios while supporting on-ground conservation efforts. Since then, the budding social enterprise has expanded its portfolio with an increasing emphasis on the power of celebrating individuality, inclusion and diversity. Kids’ Corner is the most recently launched addition to My Green World’s portfolio.

my green world

Kids’ Corner 
Kids’ Corner is an inclusive digital classroom, inspiring children and educators to participate in wildlife and environmental conservation and science through a range of digital learning programmes and activities.

The programme was created to respond to environmental crises by unlocking the potential of children as change agents, and ensuring that every young Australian has access to educational materials and support that they need to address the challenges that will define their generation. The educational programme prioritises diverse and inclusive learning and covers a wealth of topics, such as, climate change, ecosystems and biodiversity; natural selection and evolution; ocean and habitat; and a range of subjects that highlight important global issues. Kids’ Corner breaks down complex issues into easy, fun, positive and actionable concepts that can be used in any setting, as well as in homes, schools, libraries and hospitals.

my green world

World of the Wild 
World of the Wild is an award-winning mobile game app encouraging young people to participate in virtual wildlife and environmental conservation scenarios. The app represents and profiles 18 global charities, and each charity supports a particular species, which users are then able to rescue and rehabilitate. World of the Wild offers educational pop quizzes, interactive games and opportunities for users to build their own world, meet some of the world’s most endangered species, connect with other players, and address real-life threats, such as poachers and oil spills.

About the Author: Natalie Kyriacou created My Green World to engage more people with wildlife and environmental issues. The enterprise pioneers inclusive youth education and technology programmes that enhance the efforts of wildlife and environmental conservation efforts worldwide. You can follow My Green World on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.