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Hen harrier ‘brood management’ plan faces crowdfunded legal challenge

hen harrier crowdfunding


A controversial plan to remove the chicks of endangered birds from their nests and rear them in captivity could be challenged in the high court after a crowdfunded campaign raised £25,000 in four days.

Wildlife campaigner and author Mark Avery is leading an application for a judicial review of the hen harrier “brood management” plan, in which chicks will be raised in captivity and released into the wild.

Conservationists blame the grouse moor industry for the virtual absence of hen harriers from uplands in England – there were four nests in 2016 – which government scientists calculated would naturally support more than 300 pairs of the bird. MORE

Header Image:  A hen harrier nest with two chicks. Credit: Richard Clarkson/Alamy Stock Photo.

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