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Yes, kangaroos are endangered – but not the species you think

endangered kangaroos


Do you know what kind of animal the mala, nabarlek, or boodie is? What about the monjon, northern bettong, or Gilbert’s potoroo?

If you answered that they are different species of kangaroo – the collective term for more than 50 species of Australian hopping marsupials – you’d be right. But you’d be in the minority.

Include nearby New Guinea, and the number of kangaroo species jumps to more than 70. Kangaroos are so diverse that they have been dubbed Australia’s most successful evolutionary product.

But sadly, not everyone is aware of this great diversity, so most kangaroo species remain obscure and unknown. MORE

Header Image: Gilbert’s potoroo, which holds the unwanted title of Australia’s most endangered mammal. Credit: Gilbert’s Potoroo Action Group/Dick Walker.

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