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App Round-Up – Mammals

App mammalsApp mammals

The focus of this week’s App Roundup article is on mammals…

eReca – UK Mammals By eReca Software
A wildlife biological recording app covering (most of) the terrestrial mammals in the UK. This app is designed to record species in their natural environment using OpenStreet map as a backdrop. Species are selected from a list and stored in the SQLite database for export to a PC via eMail or loaded directly to the eReca server and posted to the web after appropriate validation, and onward to the National Biodiversity Network.

This smartphone app uses offline map storage and it’s possible to create your own offline maps using Mobile Atlas Creator. These maps can then be uploaded to the device for use. Also, all map tiles downloaded through normal day-to-day use are retained for offline access.

Compatible with Android.


Mammal Tracker By Natural Apptitude
The aim of the app is to collect valuable and verifiable data on the presence of mammals across the British Isles. The app is an integral part of The Mammal Society’s new Heritage Lottery Funded Mammal Watch South East (MaWSE) project. Although this project is focused in the south east of England, the app is operational nationwide.

Any records you submit using the “Mammal Tracker” app will be reviewed and verified by an expert before being added to the database. By recording your sightings and signs of mammals, you are contributing to the general body of data available via the NBN Gateway. These records will also contribute to a future national atlas. This Mammal Atlas will be used to inform future conservation decisions for British mammals.

Compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Mammals Of Britain By CityDroid
The app provides a list of all the mammals (including whales and seals) you can see in Great Britain.

Browse or search all mammals or select a group to view. You can exclude or include rare mammals.

Select from mammal list to see basic mammal details such as colour, size, habitat and picture. You also have the option to see full mammal details on line.

Other features :

– Find mammals at your current location.
– Filters option to help find Mammals in Browse screens.
– Option for metric/imperial size
– Action Bar style menu

Compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

What has your experience been of using these apps in the field? Do you use any other apps not listed above? Let us know in the comments box.